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Tired Of Sausages that

won't sit still?

Make half-cooked mornings a thing of the past with the Sausage Sitter – a simple kitchen utensil that makes your life easier and your sausages fit for a king. They sit on the Sitter, the sitter sits in the grill – you sit back and relax.

If you can’t keep your bangers still on the grill, then you cannot cook them evenly or to the standard they (and you!) deserve.

The Sausage Sitter allows you to turn each of your succulent sausages 4x90 degrees for the desired minutes, depending on your type of grill or sausage, to give you 360 degrees of cooking perfection. No more burnt stripes, no more uncooked meat due to the curving of your sausages.

Once you know your favourite sausage and required grill times, you can setup your timer to cook and turn them the same way each time, every time for the best results.

Delicious design and sizzling simplicity!

The Measurement of
Sausage Success

Unique Design

The Sausage Sitter’s design allows all types of tubular foods to be grilled or barbequed, under or over your heat source of choice. The Sitter has what we call ‘two point touch technology’, and can handle thick or thin foods.

The Sausage Sitter can accommodate a full pack of 8x standard sized sausages. It is robust, economic and can be easily cleaned or placed in the dishwasher for maximum efficiency.

Keep it Simple

Whilst we continue to strive for improvements, the truth is the simplest of designs are often the best. Whilst it doesn’t re-invent the wheel, The Sausage Sitter fixes a problem that has been around since, well, since sausages were invented. It’s about time the nation’s favourite food was cooked correctly, wouldn’t you say?

“it’s not rocket science…it’s sausage science!”

Begin your Sausage Sitter
experience today

Market - There are over 23 million households in the UK alone that buy sausages on a regular basis (>monthly).

USP - In addition to the USP that The Sausage Sitter™ is the only non-mechanical domestic kitchen device that allows true 360® grilling perfection there are additional fringe benefits.

Versatile - It can be used in a normal grill, in the oven or over a bbq and can be used for corn cobs, skewers, kebabs, courgettes etc or any other tubular food that requires rotating.

Healthier – As the month of January normally unveils every conceivable health benefit The Sausage Sitter™ also enables a lean evenly cooked product not sitting in cooking fat.

Economic – The Sausage Sitter™ is robust and will last a lifetime so no need to replace under normal wear and tear circumstances . Therefore the cost per continual use is negligible.

Efficient - The cooking time saved in reducing the amount of adjustments to manoeuvre sausages is not only a benefit to the user it also has additional energy savings. For every 5 minutes saved on a 2KW grill is equal to 2.5p and so for a frequent user The Sausage Sitter™ would actually pay for itself in a number of years. If the UK market of 23Mil were to switch to using The Sausage Sitter™ it would save the national grid over 200MIL KWH per annum (based on each household saving 5 mins grilling time each week)


A Tale of Two Lads

Keggs and Biff were best mates, and played rugby at the same club since they were teenagers. Rumour has it Keggs was told he would never make first team as long as day followed night. Of course, he went on to captain the club and achieved club and county honours. Biff was the junior and Keggs told him he would never be picked for the first team as he was far too young.

Two weeks later he was picked for the first team, and he too went on to captain the club and achieved club and county honours. The moral of that little story is to not believe everything that you are told, and don’t make the same mistake by repeating the same rhetoric. Whether your dream is to become a star or sit a sausage still, giving up should be far from your mind.

County rugby was as far as Keggs’ and Biff’s talent took them. Another time, another place and maybe they could have gone further, but as years went by and many hours were spent at the club bar they developed a deep understanding, friendship and mutual respect for each other. As the years rolled by and the bones started to creak a little louder, they also got grumpier, complained much more frequently and Sunday hangovers were beginning to make themselves at home until waving goodbye on the Wednesday.

It was one such Sunday morning when Biff had risen from his slumber with the dreaded buzz of the hangover bee lingering around his heavy head. As everyone knows, sausages are one of the most dependable hangover cures, so he headed straight for the fridge and proceeded to slap a full pack onto the grill (grill, not fry if you want to live longer!). No matter how many times Biff took the grill out and turned the sausages, the meat refused to sit still each and every time.

Biff pulled the grill out and slid it back in again, out and back in again, out……you get the picture! Biff has had enough.


In a world of sliced bread and selfie sticks, man’s got a point. Surely something could be done about the rolling sausage epidemic sweeping kitchens across the nation and beyond?

That same day Biff rang Keggs and informed him of his Eureka moment: an idea for the design of a curved grill to stop sausages moving as they are cooked. Keggs understood his mate immediately of course. Having spent most of the day in his rickety shed cutting wood, Keggs recommended a distinctive V design, as he noticed he could chop thick and thin logs on a saw horse of similar design and shape.

And the rest, as they say, is history. The Sausage Sitter was born, and despite the doubts and laughter of some, they continued with their patent application and design. The doubters soon came around to understand the much needed simplicity and problem solving capability for the over 23 million households in the UK that consume sausages on a regular basis.

My name is Martin Kelly (Keggs) and my grumpy but genius mate is John Clifford (Biff), and our company is Kiffbegs UK Limited (see what we did there?), home of the Sausage Sitter.

It is our mission to provide every household with the Sausage Sitter to ensure that bent, burnt, stripy sausages are resigned to the history books once and for all!

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